Push Pack - February

Push Pack - February

Hello everyone,

Are you trying to push your Trophies? And can not quite climb up on the ladder because your base is getting 3 Starred every time by your opponents❓ OR looking for some fresh insanely trapped bases that can trap your opponents❓

Then worry not, Cause we've got your back and ready to give you the defensive support
Head over to our website and grab some supreme quality bases that are gonna give a hard time to your opponents

Bases built by our EXCEPTIONAL builders-
  • IamGreen - Inquisition
  • RICO - Zepto

Note that this is limited to 10 buyers only

Get 5 Push Bases that will help you stop your opponents. These are specially designed for*-
  • Higher Legends
  • Mid legends 
  • Lower legends

Hurry up as this is limited to 10 Buyers only and don't forget to avail the 10% discount available on our website.
Use code - LAUNCH10

Wishing to meet you on our website