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AG Base Building

TH 13 Custom Base

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Town Hall 13 Custom Base

These Bases are Custom and Fresh Built only for you. They are Designed and Tested rigorously by our BB Experts and are guaranteed to give best result.

If you are aiming to play competitive then why don’t you equip yourself with supreme quality bases made by our World Class Builders? Get a little unfair advantage over others and don’t let your opponents get those 3 stars. Ever!!

You will have many types and styles to choose from above and also the number of bases you want. There will be an option to add special instructions note  in your cart section, you can fill it out and the builder will be informed. As soon as you place the order, the builder will start working on it.

Warranty Policy

All bases have a one time freshed warranty(base 3 stared on first use) for 10 days, if the Base is made for LL then the warranty will be based on performance. If a big or special order is made then and only warranty can be extended.

To claim, join our Discord server, the link will be at the end of the page and in Socials. Once you join, look for a channel called #〔📮〕〉order-your-base. Once you are there, open a ticket via TicketTool and then send us a screenshot of confirmation email that you received about your order alongside a video proof of the base getting freshed or it its a Legend League Base then a 2 day Legend Defence Log. If you want any help joining our discord then make sure to Contact Us.